Garage Door Accessories offered by ZIP Garage Doors are available now in Eugene! Call (541) 639-4409 today! All of our technicians have been trained and licensed to operate on garage doors in the city of Eugene! ZIP Garage Doors has been registered with the CCB in the state of Oregon. Rely on local, professional garage door accessories!

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At Zip Garage Doors, we compare the garage door system and its entirety to living ecosystem. Garage door accessories are just as vital as the door itself, and when any part of the system fails, the rest is compromised. If you are unhappy with your current garage door setup or you think one of the parts is in need of repair or replacement, we recommend you call our professional service now.

Having a local technician in Eugene, OR from ZIP Garage Doors come out to your home or business now will often prevent a simple issue from turning into an expensive fix.

There are many garage door accessories that when compiled together make up the entire network. First and foremost, garage door openers are the mechanisms that allow for the garage door to raise and shut with precision and ease.

There are many styles and brands to choose from, so it helps to know a little about about them before making a decision.

Torsion & extension springs are the two types of springs used in all garage door networks. Not only can springs become rested from continuous wear, but they can also become worn with little or no use. ZIP Garage Doors offers replacement for both types; however, with proper use and maintenance, most springs can last up to 5 years without worry.

Other than worn springs and new openers, there are a lot of other parts that require constant care and eventual replacement. As with the springs and opener, maintaining these peripheral garage door accessories extends the life and efficacy of your entire system. Keep all screws tightened (but not to to the point of overly tightening and stripping the screws), and make sure and replace cables, tracks, screws, and springs when they begin to show signs of wearing down.

This is the number one preventative measure that commercial garage door and residential garage door owners in Eugene, OR can do to prevent their system from making squeaking noises and falling into general disarray.

We also have all kinds of bonuses that can improve the convenience of your garage door system. We have remote unlocking systems, security systems (even cameras that you can view from your smart phone or personal computer), and keyless entry. Set up automated unlocking / locking that fits your work schedule.

Now is the time to customize your garage door to fit your life! We are local in Eugene, OR so call us today to learn more about our garage door accessories.

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