ZIP Garage Doors is available in Roseburg, OR 24 hours a day. Call (541) 694-7011 when you need to install or replace your garage door or when searching for local garage door repair. Our area of service extends up to 30 miles from Roseburg, OR, including areas such as Canyonville, Glide, Green, & Sutherlin, Oregon.



ZIP can provide the perfect garage door for you! We partner with nearly every brand in the industry, so depending on the setup you envision for your home or business, you can depend on ZIP to do it right! Call today for more information.


With Zip Garage Door Services, our sense of professionalism and integrity takes our business above the rest. Why rely on huge companies such as Sears when you can rely on local repair technicians from your area!


Garage door accessories range from extension springs to motorized openers. Is your garage door a bit too noisy for your liking? Perhaps, it does not shut all the way. Call ZIP for inspection and prices on replacement parts.

24 Hour Garage Door Repair In Roseburg OR

ZIP Garage Doors provides comprehensive residential and commercial garage door services throughout Oregon. We operate in several cities, including Roseburg. Our services range from brand new garage door installation to spring repair and opener replacement. Our services are available 24 hours a day. Who knows when an emergency will strike? Many people keep valuables in their garage, so when a door is failing to close properly,
you know you can rely on ZIP 24/7 for conveniently accessible services.

We give estimates over the phone for many of our services, yet the nature of garage door repair and replacement requires a technician to be on site to give the most accurate quote. We do our best to ensure the actual quote reflects the estimate, yet garage door systems are complicated and intricate. We thank you for understanding!

Are you in need of service in Roseburg. Any customer within 5 miles of Roseburg is responsible for a $19 travel fee to get a technician to your location. Upon arrival, the tech will inspect your garage door in order to give you a final quote on the service you seek. For people outside of Roseburg, we do offer our mobile garage door services in a wide service area, but the cost of the travel fee does increase based on how far you are from us!


Garage Door specialists can do many things to improve the efficacy and security of your garage door system. While many of our jobs are simple touch ups to smooth out any kinks such as squeaky springs or loud openers, we offer much more than this.

ZIP Garage Doors Roseburg

Today brings many new innovations to the garage door industry, including many different types and models of garage doors themselves.There are all kinds of door, including carriage style doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, wooden doors, fiberglass doors, composite/hybrid doors, etc. We also have double wide doors, single doors, doors with glass panes, doors that open outwards, as well as the traditional door that raises up and above the ceiling of the garage!

Most garage door systems include the door itself, tracks for the cables and wheels of the garage door to move up and down when opening and/or closing, garage door opener, springs such as torsion and extension springs, and many peripheral gadgets that can make accessing your garage door more convenient. We install and program garage door remotes, security camera, alarm systems, key pads, etc. Call (541) 694-7011 today to see why ZIP is Roseburg’s leading garage door specialist!


ZIP Garage Doors is strictly a mobile service. Our office is reserved for technicians to order parts and interact with our managers and phone representatives in order to better prepare for scheduled appointments. We do not see customers at our office, nor do we sell any garage parts directly from our location.

We do operate all over the area, and we are happy to announce that ZIP Garage Doors offers our assistance to customers within 30 miles of Roseburg. This includes Canyonville, Glide, Green, Sutherlin, etc. Call (541) 694-7011 for estimated prices or to request a technician today!


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