ZIP Garage Doors is now offering our professional garage door service in Salem, Oregon. Since we are a mobile service only, we are capable of traveling up to 30 miles in your direction to provide you the best garage door services that Salem has to offer. Call  (503) 782-4640!


ZIP can provide the perfect garage door for you! We partner with nearly every brand in the industry, so depending on the setup you envision for your home or business, you can depend on ZIP to do it right! Call today for more information.


With Zip Garage Door Services, our sense of professionalism and integrity takes our business above the rest. Why rely on huge companies such as Sears when you can rely on local repair technicians from your area!


Garage door accessories range from extension springs to motorized openers. Is your garage door a bit too noisy for your liking? Perhaps, it does not shut all the way. Call ZIP for inspection and prices on replacement parts.

Local Garage Door Repair Available Now

Looking for garage door service in Salem, Oregon? We use state of the art products and brands, and we can even provide parts at the prices that we get from our distributor! This definitely beats going to Home Depot!

Whether you are in need of emergency garage door repair or full on garage door installation, ZIP is here for you now or at a convenient time of your discretion. We also provide garage door accessories that are a staple in any network of commercial and residential garage doors. Perhaps, you need new garage door springs or your garage door opener is not operating at full capacity. Even if you are simply looking to unlock a garage door, ZIP is here 24 hours a day.


ZIP Garage Doors goes above and beyond to keep all of its customers satisfied with every service that we provide. All of our garage door services in and around Salem, Oregon come with a written guarantee, so you can rest assured that we have your backs!

Garage door installation is no small decision, and the technicians associated with ZIP Garage Doors have every skill necessary in order to help you make adequate decisions regarding your new garage door.

Garage door repair ranges from simple spring replacement to full on garage door replacement. ZIP Garage Doors also provides accessories such as garage door opener or garage door springs. ZIP Garage Doors can be reached at  (503) 782-4640 24 hours a day. Call for any and every garage door service that you need in Salem, Oregon!

Another common service that we provide is routine maintenance in order to increase the efficiency of your garage door. Does it not open smoothly? Perhaps, it is extremely loud or “screechy”! Call ZIP today even if you simply need to unlock a garage door.


When choosing to install a new garage door or repairing/replacing an existing garage door system, why not keep business local? ZIP Garage Doors now operates in Salem, Oregon and its surrounding areas. We work in Keizer, McMinnville, Albany, Monmouth, Silverton, etc. Call today to learn about affordable garage door rates in your area!

There are two variables that determine costs of the services you require. The first and foremost is proximity to our business. Naturally, the father away you are, the higher the Mobile Fee will be. Mobile Fees range from $10 to $65. Once onsite, the technician will evaluate the situation before providing a quote. Call  (503) 782-4640 to learn more or to request the services of ZIP Garage Doors in or around Salem, Oregon!


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