Are you in need of new extension and/or torsion springs? Call ZIP today to have a technician come over today!

Every part of a garage door system is importanGarage Door Springst in maintaining the network’s integrity. Furthermore, garage door springs are typically the culprit whenever you are noticing issues with your garage door. If your g
arage door is opening or closing quicker or slower than it should be, your garage door springs might be worn down. If the system is making bizarre, annoying noises, it is likely that you need to replace one or more of your garage door springs (especially if you have already tightened any ornery screws).

Types of Garage Door Springs

The two types of garage door springs that specialists deal with are extension and torsion springs. Extension springs work by being attached to a mechanism on each end of the spring. When something beings to drive the mechanisms apart (such as the opening of a garage door). These springs are wound in a way so that the tension can keep the garage door in any given position. Therefore, many garage doors possess no lock, depending on the garage door spring tension. Torsion springs, most commonly found in clothes pins, offer resistance on rotational force. Both are necessary for ideal function of your garage door.

Professional, Local Technicians

ZIP Garage Doors relies on professional, trained staff to determine what issues may be causing trouble with your garage door springs, and then we can go about fixing the issue (all in one visit). Regardless if you are looking for a simple diagnostic service or you need repair or replacement, ZIP is available in your area right now! Do you want service as soon as possible or are you looking to have service done at later time and date? ZIP is available for emergency service or by future appointment. We operate on your schedule, so call us today, and let us know how we can help!

We provide our services around Medford and Bend, OR. Since we are a mobile unit, however, we also extend our area of expertise to any commercial, residential, or industrial garage within 30 miles of one of our primary locations. This includes Phoenix, Prineville, Talent, La Pine, Central Point, Redmond, Eagle Point, Sisters, Ashland, Sunriver, Grants Pass, etc.

Worn down garage door springs are the number one cause of squeaky garage doors!

We also provide other repair and replacement services, including fixing garage door openers!

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