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When Should You Get Your Garage Door Repaired?

A garage is perfect for keeping your car out of the rain and snow, storing your lawn equipment and tools or just to give you that extra space to store all those boxes full of who knows what. However, if you have a garage, then you know it’s important to keep your garage door functioning and up to date. A broken or damaged garage door can create drafts, let in bugs and rodents, allow dirt and water to get in and even increase your chances of mold and mildew within your garage.

However, if your garage door isn’t clearly creating any current problems how do you know when its time to get the repairs it needs? Repairing your garage door shouldn’t wait until there are dents in the door or it stops working, some repairs are needed even before you notice them. ZIP Garage Doors in Medford, Oregon are ready to offer their service and estimated pricing when your garage door needs repairs, here are a few signs that should let you know when to call in the experts:


  • When it becomes difficult to open or close the door.

There could be a lot of reasons why you’re having a difficult time opening or closing your garage door. If you’ve tried just about everything, from greasing the door track to spraying away any dirt in its path, then you should let an expert examine it. The problems could be more complicated than you think and you may just be causing more harm to the door or frame by tinker with the control panels and wiring, spraying it down over and over or pulling on the door to try and fix the jam. 


  • When the door makes rattling and screeching noises as it opens or closes.

Sounds like these are often a sign that something in the system is loose, dried out, misaligned, or breaking down. If you can’t figure it out just by looking at it, then calling the experts is a much better idea then trying to fix the door yourself. 


  • When the garage door is off its tracks.

A garage door usually goes off the tracks when something hits it, or something breaks within the system. This could make it hard or dangerous to operate the door. With the right tools and materials, a garage door maintenance specialist can get it back on track for you and replace the damaged parts without causing any more complicated problems.


  • When your electricity bill is going up.

Modern garage doors are more energy efficient than older models, so it would be wise to get an upgrade if your budget permits it. An out of date garage door not only increases your electric bill but often has a higher chance of creating bigger or more expensive problems in the long run. A new and up to date garage door will outlast your old model by years, and its parts will have a lower chance of breaking or rusting over time. 


Call Today to get your garage door inspected

If you’re living in the Medford, Oregon area, then you want only the top experts to inspect and repair your garage door. ZIP Garage Doors has a team of highly qualified professionals that can get the job done fast and hassle free. With years of experience and training, there’s no need to look anywhere else when your garage door is acting up or gets damaged. When you need a fix, get it done in a ZIP.


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