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Garage Doors are part of a larger system of motors, springs, levers, cables, tracks, and last but not least, the garage door itsGarage Door Repair in Eugene ORelf. Depending on the nature of your garage door (commercial or residential), different security measures or remote control access might be in place as well.

Therefore, many problems can arise, and any one of these problems can compromise the efficacy of your garage door network. In combination, these problems need to be addressed sooner rather than later. When waiting to deal with garage doors in Eugene, one might find themselves needing more and more work done. That is why ZIP Garage Doors offers 25% off the travel distance for first time customers and 75% off for repeat customers! None other garage door companies in Eugene offer this. This makes our garage door inspection in your area much cheaper. Therefore, you can call us and trust us to make accurate assessments regarding your unique issue.


What garage door services does Zip Garage Door Repair provide in Eugene?

ZIP Garage Doors provides most of our services in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon; however, our mobile units are equipped to handle jobs within 30 miles of Eugene. We travel to Cottage Grove, Creswell, Veneta, Springfield, Eugene, or any locale within our service area.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you are located within our primary area of service, then call us anyway! While the fee to get a technician out there is based on distance from Eugene, the fees for any labor or parts will not change!

Call ZIP Garage Doors at (541) 639-4409, and we are on the way!

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